Undergraduate Summer Research Internship


The Faculty Undergraduate Summer Research Internship programme is launched to offer students with funding support to undertake a research project under the supervision of professors in summer. The objectives are to give students exposure to research environment, and grooms them for graduate studies and overseas summer research schemes.

The Scheme


  1. Non-final year undergraduate students with a CGPA of 3.0 are eligible.
  2. The scheme is for undergraduate students with research interest to join on voluntary basis, currently without academic credits given but may be incorporated into the Faculty elective internship course in due course, if appropriate.
  3. The student will need to approach a professor to identify the research he/she proposes to work on in the scheme.
  4. The student will need to write a 1-page proposal about the research problem and research objective, after discussing his/her research ideas with supervising professors he/she picks.
  5. It is expected that the student will be attached to a professor/research lab, the prior approval/agreement of which should be obtained by the students.
  6. There will be a compulsory poster presentation at the end of the summer for students to showcase their research results on campus. Awards will be given to the top 6 projects.


Research Grant

A research grant of HK$10,000 will be awarded to each student for him/her to work on an approved project/problem for 3 summer months between June-August, upon completion of the research project with earnest effort well recognized by the supervising professor.


Students should apply online at https://info3.erg.cuhk.edu.hk/internship (login required) by 31 March 2017 . The application process will require that you approach a professor for supervision and identify a specific area of research.